Tree of Life Pendants

Our Tree of Life Pendants are handmade by forming and wrapping wire into the shape that forms the pendant.  Genuine gemstone beads or gemstone chips are added to the individual wires to form the branches and leaves which are then shaped into the tree.  We also create pendants that are made entirely of wire and contain no gemstones.  Each pendant is a unique, individual piece of art made from quality materials, no two are exactly alike!

Below is a sampling of creations we have made, contact us if you see something you like or would like something custom made for you.



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Wire Gemstone Trees

Our Genuine Gemstone Trees are handmade by adding gemstone beads or gemstone chips to a length of wire and then twisting the wire to form each individual branch and leaf pattern.  The branches are then pulled together and twisted to form the tree.  Each base is handmade and topped with a laser cut acrylic design to complement the theme of the tree.  The acrylic top also allows you to clearly see the intricate roots of the tree.  No two trees are alike, each is a unique, individual piece of art made from the finest materials.

Kumihimo Necklaces

Kumihimo, which translated means "the bringing together or gathering of threads", is an ancient Japanese art of braiding cords, ribbons and other materials to make various patterns and styles of braids.  Our necklaces incorporate genuine gemstone beads, magnetic hematite beads or glass seed beads.  Our main focus is using satin cord, but we also create Kumihimo designs using leather and wire.  One of the items we create is Kumihimo satin cord braided necklaces in NFL team colors with team logo pendants.  The necklaces are braided using 8, 12 or 16 cords depending on the design.  Each one is individually hand-braided and guaranteed to be a unique and quality piece of jewelry.